The Luminosity of the Mind

2020 Dharma Assembly – The Positive Network Beyond Space and Time -MasterHsinTaoNovember 7th, 2020, marked the 19th anniversary of the Museum of World Religions. Friends across different schools of religions sent their best wishes. At the same time, we recited a prayer for the upcoming World Interfaith Harmony Day. In the end, we dedicated the merit in hopes that Covid-19 comes to an end so the planet restores peace and ecological balance.

The Peace Prayer for the 19th Anniversary of MWR

Let our minds settle down to peacefulnessand abide by its nature of luminosity.

With brilliance,we can transform greed, aversion, ignorance, pride, and doubt derived from the pandemic – namely, the causes of natural and manmade disasters, conflicts into wisdom.

Allow loving-kindness to arise in the luminosity of the mind

Let us take a minute to settle down and generate the resonance of peace.

Take a deep breath, fold your palms, and relax. Settle down, quiet down, immerse in serenity. Bring our minds back to the origin.

May the merit of our Chan practice be dedicated to the welfare of sentient beings, the de-escalation of disasters, the restoration of Earth peace, and the balance of the environment.