Concise Surangama Mantra as the Remedy for Coronavirus

以〈楞嚴咒心〉正念化解新型冠狀病毒-心道法師As the outbreak of Coronavirus (2019-nCoV) continues to spread rapidly worldwide, people are going through great anxiety as well. Buddhist philosophy explains that all phenomena are the projection of the mind. Our intention is the primary factor in impacting the environment – for the better or worse. Mankind has done damages that shouldn't have happened in the first place. With malicious intention, the karmic result comes back in the form of the virus. Our lives are infected by our own actions.

By confronting the epidemic, we should recite sutras and dedicate the merit. Recalling the SARS outbreak in 2003, we called for the collective recitation of the Concise Surangama Mantra for twenty-one days. With the powerful and positive intention of the mantra, the malicious virus can be dispelled. The infectious energy can be pacified with the power of the mantra.

With all the sentient beings, we are an interconnected network of an organism. When a disaster happens, we must act to help one another. Let's transform the negative energy through our proper and virtuous intentions. Let’s dedicate the merit to alleviate the suffering of beings in the six realms. Keep in mind to “refrain from non-virtues, engage in all virtues, purify one's intention”. That way, all the disasters can be ceased and pacified.