Chan Practice

The Treasury of the True Dharma Eye

The Treasury of the True Dharma Eye-MasterHsinTaoOnce, Buddha Shakyamuni held a golden lotus without giving a sermon. The assembly went silent as they couldn’t understand the meaning. Only Mahakashyapa broke into a smile. Just like that, the intent of the Buddha was transmitted mind through the mind. The respectable arhat realized the mind of the tathagata as well as his own. He smiled upon seeing the lotus and seeing his mind. Knowing that Mahakashyapa had received the transmission, the Buddha announced, “I have the treasury of the true Dharma eye, the marvelous mind of Nirvana, the subtle dharma gate of the true form of the formless, not based on words and letters, transmitted separately from the teachings, always remember the truth of the Buddha’s teaching, and the greatest principle of common mortals realizing Buddhahood. Now I have entrusted this to Mahakashyapa.”

Keep in mind that every being possesses the treasury of the true Dharma eye. Unfortunately, it is veiled by obscurations now. That’s why we need the guidance from the Buddha so we can recognize the wondrous mind of nirvana that is formless, notionless, unarising, and unceasing. How can we uncover the original face that is devoid of forms or expressions?

The Treasury of the True Dharma Eye-MasterHsinTaoChan is the way to uncover our original face. If one could be enlightened instantly, one could experience the marvelous mind of nirvana that is unarising and unceasing. What can we do if we cannot see our minds right on spot? Well, theFour-step Technique of LJM's Peace MeditationFour-step Technique of LJM's Peace Meditation is a progressive way to realize our minds.

We are bombarded by information nowadays. Most people do not know the value or the meaning of life. They are lost and don't know where to go. Nonetheless, Chan practice is the way to bring our mind home. Why should we bring the mind home? Our minds are constantly roaming around and tagging along with phenomena. We don't seem to get a hold of it nor do we know why we are so busy. When we do Chan practice , we'd know that the happiest moment is when the mind returns home. It is the most stable and secure state. This is nothing like voidness but to make rooms for our minds. That way, our minds would become all-encompassing. We'd feel content and fulfilled. Oppositely, if our minds are too occupied, we'd have no rooms for flexibility. The mind would only become rigid and manipulative.

The Treasury of the True Dharma Eye-MasterHsinTaoPhenomena and emptiness are like waves and the ocean. Various forms of waves are part of the ocean just like phenomena are part of emptiness. Waves are the afflictions that are inseparable from emptiness. This is the truth where everything returns emptiness.Chan practice pacifies the waves so it goes back to oneness with the calm water Chan practice is the way home, the way for the mind to return to its origin.