Chan Practice

Not Fixating on Notions

Not Fixating on Notions-MasterHsinTaoHere we are in this world, there would be no regrets if we take this opportunity to train in peaceful meditation. Faith and diligence are pivotal for one's practice. Look around us, death can be imminent in any form. Everyone is scared of death and cyclic existence. In fact, there's nothing intimidating about this illusory-like world. Chan practice helps one to realize that all the forms and conceptions are actually notionless. Do not respond to them as if they are real. Do not fixate on notions. Do not dwell in the illusory display of living and dying, then one will break free from samsara. How though? It is to realize the state of “non-abidance”. 

The mind should be non-abiding, meaning to be free from fixations. We should train our minds to be free from thoughts. When we realize the notionlessness of all, we wouldn’t be fixated on anything. Non-abidance is notitonlessness. Because of non-abidance, one realizes the truth. So, we need to be mindful of “non-abidance, notionlessness, and no conceptions”. This is the way to work through the working of causes and conditions – to be free from samsara. 

Not Fixating on Notions-MasterHsinTaoIf don’t work on “non-abidance, notionlessness, and no conceptions”, we are trapped in the delusion of the three poisons (greed, aversion, ignorance). In the fear of continuous living and dying, cyclic existence is the constant suffering. Should we realize “non-abidance, notionlessness, and no conceptions”, our light of spirituality will shine forth. The characteristics of spirituality are non-abidance, notionlessness, and no conceptions. That’s how “non-abidance, such mind comes forth”. With a notionless mind, we won’t remain in samsara anymore. 

Our spirituality is innate. We should utilize it flexibly. Live with “non-abidance, notionlessness, and no conceptions", then we are truly manifesting our Buddha-nature. Then, samsara will no longer be a problem. When we are in this world, we need to apply hearing, contemplating, and practicing Dharma during peaceful meditation. Wherever we are, we'd be at ease.