Birds in the Heart


There are many little birds living inside our mind and heart.

Day and night, they chirp and chatter without a break, giving us neither peace nor serenity.

If we open the birdcage that is inside us, and let all the birds fly away, our inner state will be tranquil and serene.


Birds in the Heart Chapter One
The Truth about Afflictions: The Myriad Faces of Distress

Thirst and Drinking
Five Inner Demons
Say Farewell to Old Friends
Knots in the Heart
Watching Movies
Explosive Fuse
Watermelon of the Five Aggregates
Sailboat of the Heart
Using Money
Looking at the Lamp
A Stinky Sewer
Sewer of Thoughts
Flowing Water
Wind and Wave
Clouds and Fog
Mirror of the Heart
Embracing a Tree
Pressing Time
Planting Seeds

Birds in the Heart Chapter Two
Embracing Emptiness for a Lighthearted Joumey: The One Face of Truth

The World of Emptiness
Birds in the Heart
Open the Door of Emptiness
Holding onto Water
Making Friends
Boundless Container
Taking a Shower
Blind Person
Searching for the Inner Eye
Mongolian Yurt
Sowing Seeds
What is the Rider on the Donkey Looking for?
Mirror and Circumstances
Bubbles of Dream like Illusion
Asking for Directions
Pursuit of Wealth
Masks of the Five Aggregates
Windows of the Heart
Temple of the Body
Like Sugar in Water
Water Flowing into the Ocean
Transformation of Bodies
Wearing Clothes
Taking off Clothes
Not Wearing Clothes
The Sun
The Sun and the Dark Cloud
Real Self in the Robot
Reflection in the Water
The Mind State of an Ice Sculptor



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