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2016 World Culture Festival - Vision for the World at Peace

What was it that made nearly 10,000 artists from Asia, Europe, North America and Africa jointly take to the stage? What was it that made ethnic Chinese singers from China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Singapore perform "Tomorrow Will Be Better together"?

The "Art of Living"-"One World Family" is the largest world culture festival in history. Real action was taken to call on the people of the world to pay attention to their living environments and to care for those around them. Through knowledge, culture, art, music and social service the concepts of love and peace were disseminated.

Indian Spiritual Leader Gurudev. Sri Sri Ravi Shankar is devoted to the art of living, to improve the poverty of people's lives. Venerable Master Hsin-tao promotes the concept of inner peace to transform the poverty of the spirit. Both have taken the stage together at many international peace events.

Gurudev. Sri Sri Ravi Shankar traveled to Taiwan to personally invite Master Hsin-tao to this World Culture Festival with the expectation of working together to promote the concepts of love and peace.

No matter how long the road to peace, from ordinary people to international diplomats, we can discover that everyone eagerly desires peace. If there is love in people's hearts, peace will become the passport that provides unhindered access to the world. "One World Family" is not just a far off dream. Why?

When Venerable Master Hsin-tao meets Gurudev. Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, what sparks of enlightenment will fly? Please tune in "Vision for the World at Peace"……
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