Chan Master Hsin Tao's benediction for the Year of the Monkey is “cultivate virtue.” The central idea is to encourage everyone to actively cultivate virtuous qualities and benefit others by practicing goodness with body, speech, and mind.

Chan Master Hsin Tao has adopted the theme of “cultivating virtue” to encourage everyone to use high standards of morality, wholesome thoughts, and a positive frame of mind to have a positive influence on our families, society, nation, and the world. To establish positive relations with others, don't always consider what others can do for you, but rather what you can do for them. Maintaining this kind of attitude, you naturally do good deeds and cultivate virtue. Once a certain amount of virtue has been accumulated, it generates a kind of wholesome energy. This is the best way to establish positive affinities with others.

How is it that the world is created by the good and evil in the human heart and mind? Why do we sometimes find it difficult to achieve our goals? Why is it so important to understand the law of karma and do good deeds? For the answers to these questions and a whole lot more, see Master Hsin Tao's New Year's message. Please tune in 093TV .