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World Peace Prayer - Under the Shewagadon Pagoda


The glorious pagoda of peace in the world,
Worldwide friends have gathered today,
In this journey of time and space,
A sacred connection
marks an encounter of a precious dependent arising.
The ultimate source of spirituality
is the collective virtuous intentions and actions of beings.
Invoke our inner light and see our interconnectedness.


Here we pray,
The wisdom that traverses through history,
Leads us to the resolute path of awakening.
May the mind of mankind be pure and pristine, like a child’s eyes.
May the wisdom of awareness perpetuates long and rich.
Heart to heart, we can heal the suffering of Earth.
Hand in hand, we advance to a future of interdependent diversity.
Be serene, we’d experience the bliss of freedom without barriers.
Be serene, the awakened beings would recognize the ultimate truth.
Be serene, from mind peace to world peace.
Be serene, we’d fulfill our shared responsibility for mother Earth.


20190117-World-Peace-Prayer-Under-the-Shewagadon-Pagoda-2January 15, 2019, was the fifth day into the Winter School program of the University for Life and Peace. All of us visited the bio park in Bago to get closer to nature. It was a good opportunity to have a better understanding of Myanmar’s natural environment.

It was a joy to watch you all trek down the road. This is the wintering ground for the migratory birds. Between October to April every year, they spend the winter here and return to their breeding ground when warm. As we watch them migrate without territorial boundaries, we are seeing freedom to stay anywhere on this Earth. Like wild birds, mankind is also interdependent and connected. By dedicating to the welfare and sustainability of planet Earth can human beings last as well.

I’m grateful for all the professors and student of this Winter School. All of you care and contribute for one another. As we also visited the planned campus grounds for the University for Life and Peace. It is a place filled with the positive energy of warmth and harmony. This will surely bring us positive influence that will resolve conflicts among beings. As well, to make a selfless contribution for all mankind.



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20190115 緬甸大金塔下 祈願地球平安


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