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2019 Winter School - Peace Begins from Yangon

On January 10th, 2019, we hold an opening ceremony for the 2019 Winter School  of the University for Life and Peace. The warmest welcome to all the professors and students from worldwide. It is the shared belief in “Love Earth, Love Peace” that brings us together to Yangon, a sacred city.
“Yangon” in Burmese means “ceasefire, peace”. How precious it is to gather teachers and students from fourteen countries to spend two weeks together. This would be an exchange of wisdom full with delightful creativity and love.
20190110-2019-Winter-School-2The opening ceremony today is rather auspicious. It marks a milestone of collaboration between spiritual value and interdisciplinary professions. Every participating consultant holds a sense of responsibility for the welfare of planet Earth. The research and educational objectives are to discover problems and to save the planet.
I strongly believe that the awakening of mankind is the basis of sustainability. By acknowledging interdependent diversity, or interconnectedness as the natural law - then can the positive and unceasing interaction among all beings be demonstrated.
Extreme climate and extinction of species are presented right in front of us in the cruelest way. Global Warming of 1.5°C  is a report released by the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) in last October. It highlights the urgency of twelve years to limit climate change catastrophe. This is a wake-up call that we can’t wait any longer to take action. We must fully realize the vital role of mind awakening in mitigating the climate crisis. 20190110-2019-Winter-School-3Then, with the resonance of mind aspiration  connecting to the energy, the Earth can be healed. By integrating spiritual consciousness and academics, new knowledge with positive influence can be developed. In addition to technology advancement, an interdependent human society that also ensures environmentalism can be established. It is a pressing issue and the objective of this winter program. I look forward to you elites’ exchange and efforts.
Before commencing the program, here are my best wishes to you all for a joyful, fulfilling learning experience. Let us learn from one another, join hands together, and be a power of change, innovation, and transformation. Thank you.

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20190110 緬甸仰光生命和平大學冬季實驗學校開幕式


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