Thursday, 01 November 2018 11:47

Sustaining Earth with Love


We are currently experiencing irregular seasons driven by climate change. Such disruption imposes a great threat to our survival. Four seasons should be distinct in changes. Yet, we are going through occasional spring, summer, or winter. Each is happening on “occasions” instead of a regular pattern. Species and beings thrive based on a normal timing of the seasonal change. What should be happening relies on the life memory of each being – harvest time for crops or hibernation for animals.

20181030-sustaining-earth-with-love2Nowadays, the order is disrupted. Flowers blossom when they shouldn’t. The intense sun is drying up the newly sprouting plants; or, a sudden temperature drop prevents anything to grow. The disorder is confusing the genetic memory of species, leading to extinction.
As we claim to be spiritual practitioners, we must be mindful to never stop caring about all that is happening. This is love, which helps to mitigate suffering and prevent destruction. Such concern allows us to think – how to avert disasters, especially warfare. Conflicts only bring panic and fear.
20181030-sustaining-earth-with-love-3Therefore, we must be attentive towards issues on the environment and the people. Then, we can work on identifying problems and come up with solutions. This is the mindset of a spiritual practitioner. The forthcoming University for Life and Peace is a project with accumulated experiences from predecessors and ours. As we are to share this vision with all, may we all join hands to accomplish “Love Earth, love peace.”


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