Thursday, 16 August 2018 11:03

Myanmar – Expansion of the University for Life and Peace

I was born in Myanmar, a Buddhist majority country and a field of merit of Theravadan Buddhism for two millennial. Buddha’s teachings have been well preserved in this land. How can we not protect it? I pray that Buddhadharma continues to pass on and flourish. 


20180816-expansion-of-the-university-for-love-and-peace-2Myanmar is constituted by multi-ethnicities with over 135 ethnic groups. Besides conflicts along the borders, there is constant strife among different ethnic groups. There’s no better place to put the University for Life and Peace amidst of conflicts. Although the school is based in Myanmar, it is for a greater purpose – advocating for peace. Start from one of the most conflicted places with love and peace, misunderstandings will resolve.


20180816-expansion-of-the-university-for-love-and-peace-3In recent years, Myanmar has undergone a process of reform. It is opening to more global activities. Foreign interests are shifted to this resourceful land and opportunities. This is a good timing to join efforts to push for the movement of “love Earth”. While western influence is being introduced to Myanmar, cultural preservation is crucial to the world can learn from it.


This is a time of moral degeneration. It has gotten to a point where the environment and ecosystem are disrupted. Consumerism has dominated the world and people’s value today. Just like a son who squanders family fortunes; we are exploiting resources greedily. If only we can learn to follow proper belief and moral consciousness; to live simply with contentment — we can then protect our planet Earth.


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