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Light Up the Blessing

Light Up the Blessing

Every time that I visit a sacred site, I'd circumambulate the stupa and make a lamp offering. I pray that Ling Jiou Mountain (LJM) carries on the Buddha activity smoothly and never be short of supplies and resources. May all the monastic members exert in their practice, stay healthy, and accomplish spiritual practice. May all disciples enjoy familial harmony, a successful career, and diligent Dharma practice. It is my wish that all the friends across different religions can enjoy good health. Lastly, I pray for world peace and to be free from disasters. A disciple who often accompany me to travel asked me, “Why do you always make lamp offering at sacred sites?”

Light Up the BlessingI shared with him a story that happened during the time of the Buddha. Ananda asked the Buddha, “With what causes from past lives that enabled Aniruddha to obtain the clairvoyance this life?” The Buddha replied, “Aniruddha was a thief who once broke into a monastery to steal. When he passed by the shrine, he saw the butter lamp was about to go out, he adjusted the wick with a sword so the light continued to illuminate. Seeing the light upon the shrine altar, a sense of veneration arose inside. He figured, ‘what’s the point of stealing when others are so willing to give and make offerings?’ Then, he gave up on the thought of burglary and left. Because he adjusted the lamp so the light continued to shine, he took rebirth in a good family, tamed his habitual tendencies, and improved his accumulations. Eventually, he encountered the Buddha, attained arhatship, and became foremost in clairvoyance."

Light Up the BlessingEven Aniruddha could have obtained such an auspicious karmic result from a mindless kind act, let alone those who make lamp offerings with sincerity. The merit could be boundless!

Lamp offering can eradicate the darkness of ignorance, enhance wisdom, and accumulate infinite merits. Every time I travel, students at LJM would also make lamp offerings for me and pray for safety and fruitful journey. Likewise, I wish the same for all of you, that's why I’d also light up lamps whenever I visit a holy site.

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