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Living Simplicity

Living Simplicity
Consumerism promotes that the increasing consumption of goods and services is desirable. Yet, the planet is limited with resources. Overconsumption would only deplete the natural resources. In addition, the economy is extremely unstable where lots of ideas are incited and collapsed in the blink of an eye. As we are globally connected through advanced technology and information, when a region is experiencing a challenge, the entire world is also affected.

Living SimplicityTake the Covid-19, for instance, the entire world suffered from the pandemic. Taiwan is no exception. However, we must have confidence in ourselves and the economy. We must believe that things will get better for Taiwan so we must be patient and hopeful. We will definitely get over this.

It is important to be content with our lives. We shouldn’t demand excessively. As long as we have all the necessities where we have sufficient food, clothing, etc., we should be happy about it. Do not think about making as much money as possible like it’s the only goal in your life. Be thrifty and not be wasteful. When I was staying at a Guan Yin Temple, I experienced a four-month-long of drought. How did I save water usage? With a basin of water, I’d wash the rice and the vegetables first, then flush the toilet with it. Even when I took a shower, a basin of water would be enough. Even now, I’m careful with the amount of tissue I use. If I have used a small portion of a piece of tissue, I’d keep it in my pocket for another use. That's why when my attendant is doing my laundry, he'd often find tissues inside. It is important not to live a wasteful lifestyle. That way, we can generate more merits for beneficial purposes.

Living SimplicityI’d encourage you to visit Ling Jiou Mountain (LJM), affiliated Dharma centers, and pilgrimages when you have time. Do not waste your time on insignificant matters. Instead, use it on pilgrimages, prostration, Chan practice, confession, and more. Make amends to the wrongdoing of the past and revitalize yourself with the "spiritual energy" every day. By accumulating a little bit of merit by little, our faith would strengthen. Just like making the lamp offering, we can enhance our confidence. With it, we'd have the courage to work on suffering and adversities because we know that the Buddhas and bodhisattvas are always with us.

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