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Finding the Spiritual Home

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We are like fish who follow schools of fish. Wherever the majority goes, we follow. One group after another, we live interdependently. Yet, we swim aimlessly in this ocean day by day, not knowing our position.

Finding the Spiritual HomeIn the stream of cyclic existence, smart people yearn to change the status quo and aren’t afraid of transformation for a better life. How do we get away from the strong currents? We need to change our lives through Dharma practice. That’s how we could get away from the cycle and stop being like fish who live aimlessly and unaware of their conduct.

Only by choosing a life of wisdom so we don’t get carried away by the currents. With wisdom, we can exit the samsaric whirlpool. “With Dharma, there’s always a way”, which refers to the three gifts that the Buddha has left for us. Having these three gifts, our lives will be delightful and free. 

Finding the Spiritual HomeThe first gift being the method of rediscovering our spirituality or the Buddha-nature. It is the essence that existed even before your parents gave birth to you. It is spirituality or primordial awareness. Dharma practice helps us to rediscover our primordial awareness and to see our original face. That way, we’d know how to proceed with life and live properly. We’d also understand the best state of living which can optimize benefits for oneself and others.

The second gift is the wisdom or the knowledge that the Buddha delivered. He taught many methods of remedying afflictions so they don't arise again. As we strive to study omniscient wisdom, we'd come to the understanding of karmic principle without the slightest doubt. We'd know that everything happens for a reason and the result is taking effect now. Once we have a firm understanding of causes and effects, we’d no longer complain or blame. No more afflictions will arise.

The third gift being the method to cultivate compassion. All the Buddha activities are based on compassion. In order to attain Buddhahood, we need to engage in compassionate activities. There will never be an end to the activity until enlightenment is reached. Without compassion, we cannot claim to be a "Buddhist". Therefore, we must cultivate compassion, the basis of merits and felicity. As well, having the opportunities to engage in compassionate work is long-term merit and felicity.

What is a life of unchangingness? It is the state where our spirituality finds its home. Before that, the mind sways with whatever situation emerges. We are caught up in the endless cyclic existence of the six realms. Once the spirituality is in place, we’d come to the state of unchanging and no longer wander.

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