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Know the mind, thoroughness to its origin

Know the mind, thoroughness to its origin

During the time of the Buddha, one could easily accomplish through shamatha-vipashyana. In this Age of Degeneration, there are countless obstacles along the path of Dharma practice. Our afflictive thoughts prevent us from entering into peace. Along with the distraction from the internet and cellphone, we are becoming more confused than ever. It is hard to remain calm in that state, let alone to concentrate one-pointedly. Since we are not in the same period or environment with the Buddha, we must strive harder for the better.  

Know the mind, thoroughness to its originAs said in the Sutra of Forty-two Chapters, “… who know their mind, thoroughness to its origin, and understand the unconditioned Dharma, are called shramanas.” Monasticism is to “know the mind”, this very own mind. “Thoroughness to its origin” is to return to the origin of the mind. “Shramanas” are those “… who know their mind, thoroughness to its origin”. By realizing emptiness, we could see our mind and realize the unconditioned Dharma. As we realize the mind, we can accomplish the longevity of arhatship. This is called, “shramanas”.

Our minds are unarising, unceasing, with no impurities, and no purities. This mind is formless and notionless. To recognize this mind that has “no fabrication by nature”, we must do Chan practice. With Chan, we can recognize it, understand it, and discover its features and qualities. As the mind has no fabrication by nature, we can examine and enter an ungraspable truth. That way, one could attain the six miraculous powers, the longevity of arhatship, and the powers of levitation and to travel underground.

Know the mind, thoroughness to its originAs we practice Dharma, we must aspire to “know the mind, thoroughness to its origin”. Explore what the mind is. Start from here, contemplative analysis and wisdom arise from understanding. To cut through the afflictions of living and dying is the basic notion to keep in mind. It is also the most pressing issue for us. We should transform ourselves with diligent accomplishment.

I hope that everyone could maintain undistracted, unfabricated, and stay away from senseless chatter. Use your time to listen, contemplate, and meditate. Strive on!

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