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Taming the Mind

Taming the Mind

All the suffering, happiness, and cyclic existence arise from the mind. That's why we must pave the path of enlightenment wholeheartedly. What is occupying our daily life? Fame or profits? Who do we perform to? What's the point of working? Truthfully, the world is of emptiness. Everything we experience is the result of our own acts. What we did, we bear the effect. We can take our job to devote and dedicate. By doing our jobs properly, we're being responsible for ourselves. Knowing that everything we do, dedicate, serve, love, be kind with, and offer – are all for the twofold goals. This is not to impress others but to be responsible for oneself. Practice in your work.

Taming the MindTaming ourselves is the happiest thing in the world. Taming others is the most foolish and tiring task of all. We should focus on taming ourselves. If we could master ourselves, we are the biggest winner. Failing to tame oneself, as well, not being able to let go of others – we're inviting many matters to trouble ourselves. As afflictions arise to become karmic obstacles, we're doomed to be losers. What are "karmic obstacles"? Karmic obstacles are things and matters. Obstacles are the hindrances on the path to our mind. When the path is blocked, afflictions arise. When these are cleared off, we're tamed with the state of mind that is ungraspable. Set the mind free. Dharma practice doesn't need too much saying. It is whether if we've tamed our mind. But how? With the wisdom of emptiness. Such wisdom comes from the contemplative analysis. Set the mind free from confinements.

Taming the MindEvery day, we are entangled with thoughts. Yet, we are unaware of it and complain all the time. Too often, we are busy with creating too many improper thoughts and attachments. We tie up ourselves with the rope of self-attachment. We are pulled away by these ideas. In fact, what is Dharma practice? It is to cut off the rope to open up our minds and let go. Set the mind free. How? To let go, see through, and see clearly who is the binder and who is being bounded. Who is clinging to what? What is making us uncomfortable? It is because we can't let go of ourselves. We put ourselves in discomfort and pressure. So, we must learn to untie the rope for ourselves. Do not be imprisoned by the karmic effect. Instead, tame ourselves. Be mindful of our life. Accomplish a life of liberation. On the contrary, we are imprisoned because we haven't tamed ourselves. This would be a life of karmic delusions.

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