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Living the Diamond Sutra

Living the Diamond Sutra

As Buddhists, we should recite the Diamond Sutra on daily basis. Although we recite it, we don’t know how to apply it in life. As a matter of fact, the Diamond Sutra can be a guideline for our contemplative analysis in life. The wisdom is helpful to resolve our afflictions, settle our minds, purify our karmic obstacles, and be free from afflictions. That’s how our minds can be settled. Every phrase in the Diamond Sutra helps us to examine our minds.

How? To contemplate the four notionlessness of other persons, I, sentient beings, or time. The notion of other persons will be gone. The notion of time seems very present but will be gone eventually. The notion of I is the grasping of ego. Yet, where will I be after death? With the notion of sentient beings, we see that everyone is present. In fact, sentient beings are going through the living and dying. Nothing remains permanent.

Living the Diamond SutraIf we take a moment to reflect, why do we have so many afflictions and suffering? It is because of our attachment with these four notions of I, other persons, sentient beings, and time. With the differentiation on you, I, them, the attachments would further aggravate the three poisons or the five poisons. These are the cause of samsara. If we could cease the attachments of the four notions, we can surely realize, "All conditioned dharmas are like a dream, an illusion, a bubble, a shadow. Like dew and lightning. Thus they should be perceived.”

Living the Diamond SutraKeep this in mind and live our lives accordingly. With this contemplative analysis, we can be free from all bonds, attachments, and obstacles. Whatever we come across, we must be mindful that “all dharmas are conditioned”. Everything is transient and impermanent. They are unreliable “like a dream, an illusion, a bubble, a shadow. Like dew and lightning.” They will not last nor stay. Hence, we should not generate any attachments. Instead, we should disseminate compassion and loving-kindness. Do not become the attachments, obstacles, and grudges of one another. This will only keep the circle of samsara turning.

As long as we are awakened, every day is a fresh start. By hearing Dharma and uphold it accordingly is a whole new life. We took rebirth as a human being in the samsara by the karmic force. Since we are fortunate to study Dharma, we must strive to practice it so to liberate our lives. Let us be at ease, be free from obstacles and obscurations. This is the happiness of life.

I hope that you could exert fiercely with your practice. Waste your time no more. It'd be a shame to let this fortunate birth goes to waste. It takes a lot of favorable conditions to assume human life. Since we've understood the importance of devoting our lives to inspire others. The value, the wisdom, and the vibrancy of life are so precious. Be sure to apply these to light up others and live a life with the four immeasurables (loving-kindness, compassion, joy, and equanimity).

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