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The Prajna Cat

The Prajna Cat

This body is nothing but a puppet or a composite of causes and effects. The karmic result takes effect according to its ripening time and space. Should these two dimensions be absent, the effect cannot take place. Yet, the medium is none other than the body. It constitutes segments of causes and conditions from the past. The body is a display of spirituality. Nonetheless, spirituality cannot be segmented as it seems to be with every reincarnated body one after another. We also divide the time into the past, present, and future by the limitation of the reincarnated body. If we could observe with prajna wisdom that, “All conditioned dharmas are like a dream, an illusion, a bubble, a shadow," we can break through all notions. Then, we can see the whole picture of our spirituality. By connecting the past, present, and the future, is there no living and dying? Think this way: Our spirituality is wholesome and free from cyclic living and dying. Yet, if we only see our spirituality partially, we'd be trapped in cyclic existence.

The Prajna CatDharma practice allows our unchanging spirituality to come forth. Right now, we are very attached to this body and regard it as the primary reference point. If we remove this reference point, the "notionlessness of I" will show. The method to eradicate the notion of I would be prajna wisdom wisdom. Like the sun melting the snow, the prajna light can break down all sorts of notions. At last, spirituality will shine forth. Whether one is practicing the Four-step Technique of LJM’s Peace Meditation, Mahasi, Mogok, one could unite prajna wisdom into them. If we do not observe these meditations with prajna, we cannot attain the ultimate liberation. Therefore, I'd advise you to stay focused and know that prajna is the only way. There are no other ways.

Look at the phenomena in our daily life, we are constantly differentiating “you” and “I”. Prajna wisdom inspires us to develop insight through life events. We can capture these opportunities to practice in life. Whatever intent or thought arises along with our perceptions, we should apply contemplative analysis right away. Be mindful with awareness, "Uh oh, here comes an afflictive emotion!" Noticing its coming, ask yourself, "Why am I afflicted? This is because I'm attached to the notions. What exactly is this notion? Delusions they are." Then, you're free right on spot. With a glimpse of the original face, we can become familiar with this experience. Gradually, we can uncover our original face and attain the ultimate truth. As described in the Heart Sutra, “no arising, no cessation; no impurity, no purity; no increase, and no decrease.”

We are constantly caught up in conflicts with others. With all sorts of afflictions, we'd only trouble ourselves further. If we could integrate prajna wisdom with all that we cross path with, there’s nothing we can’t work through. So, we should pull the magic trick that I’m teaching you now – prajna wisdom, as much as we can. You’d find yourself enjoying this trick a lot. Oppositely, if we let the three poisons (greed, aversion, and ignorance) takes control, we’d be leading a life devoid of wisdom. In that sense, we’d be very similar to beings of the animal realm to carry on our lives with dull intelligence and no ability to discern. Consequently, we’d only engage in more nonvirtuous conducts.

The Prajna CatIn life, prajna wisdom is vital. The more we examine our minds; dualistic conceptions will mitigate and resolve. Consequently, afflictions will no longer arise. Our lives are full of afflictions now because we have not developed a decent level of Dharma practice. Dualistic conceptions trap our minds. If we apply contemplative analysis, we’d become skeptical of the substantiality of phenomena. The seemingly permanent and unshakable phenomena become questionable. Our ego and attachments towards the idea of “permanence” would be shaken. That being said, prajna wisdom can lessen one’s attachment. The more we train our minds, the keener our contemplative analysis becomes. Like the hide-and-seek between a cat and a mouse, the mouse of afflictions hides as soon as the prajna cat comes. So, get yourself a prajna cat as soon as possible!

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