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Mind to Mind

Mind to Mind
Afflictions emerge instant by instant. They flash through in a snap of fingers. Our mind is Great Perfection by nature. The Great Perfection can be accomplished in an instant. All the innate qualities, the original face will emerge immediately. All have been accomplished the whole time. Right from here, the perfect quality of the mind is all-pervasive in everything.

Mind to MindNinety thoughts flash through our minds in a snap of fingers. It is not easy to work through all of them. So, we should get rid of these ideas and make connections from mind to mind. A mind connection is a form of practice. Through Chan practice, we can remove all the external and redundant confusions and connect all things with our minds. Know that our mind has always been present and never stopped to connect with others. However, it experiences a poor connection way too often by all sorts of distracting notions. Then, the mind tags along with matters and situations that it gets lost eventually. Be sure to keep our mind in its original face. With a resting mind, bodhi comes forth. Bodhi is awareness. Letting go is bodhi while resting is awakening. With awakening, there comes letting go. By letting go, luminosity comes forth.

Mind to MindBring back our minds and make it our safest reliance in a long run. Be sure to part our minds from delusions. Then, our minds would regain luminosity and clarity like the shining sun. If we mix our minds with phenomena, we’re clouded all the time where the truth is veiled. As a matter of fact, our Buddha nature cannot be hindered by anything. Its luminosity radiates and shines upon every corner.

As the Buddha says, "While the mind is the Buddha, so are sentient beings." What does it mean? Sentient beings are Buddhas by nature, yet, they are unaware of this fact. Tathagatas realize the fact that themselves and all beings possess tathagatagarbha. Without this understanding, one remains ordinary. The reason that sentient beings only see the complications and imperfections of life because they fail to recognize the nature of mind or the fact that we are Buddhas. That's why we must practice Buddhism to see tathagatagarbha. Sentient beings must acquire a realized mind to attain Buddhahood. When we recognize the luminosity of the Buddha-nature within every sentient being, we'd realize that the mind is the Buddha and so are all beings.

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