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Mind Resonance with the Buddha

Mind Resonance with the Buddha

The most important thing about Dharma practice is to make our minds resonate with Buddhas. Purify our minds to prevent afflictions from arising. Feel the happiness of life, affirm our determination for Dharma pursuit – our life is insured with full coverage. Since birth until now, we’re caught up in afflictions and attachments. It is not easy to cut through them. We might take a few steps forward and many steps back as we fight against our habitual tendencies. That’s why we must cultivate a strong determination. I commenced Chan practice since 15 where I began to experience a non-secular form of happiness. This encouraged me to affirm my determination on my path of practice. When I turned 20, I was very interested in all sorts of entertainment. Inevitably, my determination waned. Later on, I assumed monasticism and exerted in meditation and prostration. Slowly, the determination and faith returned so my mind resonated with the Buddha once again.

Breathing Chan先把這一篇撤下Hence, we must have strong support for Dharma practice.Reciting the name of Amitabha, mantras, and sitting meditation are some of the good techniques. They can help us to resonate with the Buddha and connect with our life. Let our mind become peaceful so afflictions and troubles in life are lessened. If we could practice genuinely in life and train ourselves, our minds could connect with the Buddha’s.

How do we train our minds? Right mindfulness is the key. Before we take on any Dharma practices, our minds change all the time. Our minds are ungraspable. With a tiny hit, our minds fluctuate like ocean waves with good and bad ideas mixed together. Yet, we are overwhelmed by the fluctuation. Even worse, we get pushed around by improper ideas easily. Dharma practice is to train our mind to right mindfulness so we understand suffering, emptiness, and impermanence. Everything is made up of cause and effect. Whatever we sow in the past would ripen in this life. If we wish for a good future, we must learn to be compassionate, giving, and loving. Put yourself in others' shoes so as not to inflict harm on others. Consequently, lots of afflictions are reduced.

Mind Resonance with the BuddhaIn fact, we are learning to be responsible for our lives and karma through Dharma practice. Do not run away. Take on the responsibility as much as you can. Dharma practice is actually fairly easy. It is to take on the way of the Bodhisattva. Engage in generous activities, the more the better. Regardless of positive or negative connections that occur in life, we must work through them bravely. By upholding right mindfulness, engaging in virtuous deeds, favorable conditions will naturally come whereas unfavorable conditions disappear. I hope that all of you could resonate with the Buddha at all times, practice well, increase merits, acquire favorable conditions, and perfect wisdom.

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