Friday, 25 September 2020 10:21

Life, the Composite of Causes and Conditions


Student: Master, how can I transform and let go of the negative ideas, extremities, criticism, guilt, and more in life?

20200925buddhist-discoveryMaster Hsin Tao: Everything is the result of cause and effect. We must strive to acquire all virtues by all means. By meditating for realization and applying Dharma practice, we can uncover our true nature. We must recognize that the changes of cause and effect are none other than the projections of the mind. Whatever arises from the mind are karmic causes. In addition to conditions, these karmic seeds of causes ripen into fruits of effects. That is why those who sow the bodhi seeds of Bodhisattva will realize the universal truth. On the contrary, by sowing seeds of ignorance, lots of unfavorable conditions and obstacles are guaranteed to mature in the future.

Besides being mindful of cause and effect with our intents and conducts, we must apply Dharma practically with prajna wisdom. We should observe the fact that all phenomena take effect by causes and conditions. All that we perceive are temporary from the melody we hear, the conflicting sound of hatred, the noise of competition, and more. Keep in mind that they are transient and instead, we can learn to find liberation from these sounds. As we notice the interplay of unpleasant and pleasant sounds, the display is impermanent and unreliable. Likewise, our ideas are constantly changing. Our view and feeling towards someone are also insubstantial. Thence, we must learn to let go and part from the "subjective feeling”. Eventually, delusional ideas will no cease to rise. We’d no longer be fooled by illusory-like phenomena.

20200925buddhist-discoveryLife is transient as it is merely a composite of causes and conditions. This compounded body is insubstantial. Should the mind be absent, all the perception of happiness and suffering are also gone. The essence of the mind is notionless. Yet, the body comes from karma. The six realms are none other than the projections of the mind. Before our realization, our minds tag along with changes. After we’ve attained realization, phenomena could no longer hinder us. Just like watching a movie, we cry when the actors cry. Nevertheless, the moment we realize that it is just a movie, we are free from sadness immediately.

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