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Contrition is to reveal our wrongdoings. Knowing that we’ve committed wrongdoings, we must expose memory and put it under the light. Decode our memory. Contrition is to reflect our faults and adjust our intents and actions. That way, we won’t perform harmful actions anymore. By resolving grudges and karmic debts, we can become individuals with nothing to hide. Everything that we do is under the light without any worries of speculation. Contrition is all about repenting and correcting our faults.

Contrite Life is a karmic memory drive. The interaction among beings creates joining points of karmic memory. In life, we are too easily occupied by the five poisons (greed, aversion, ignorance, arrogance, doubt). If not careful, we could make negative connections with others easily. The joining points are harmful with nonvirtues. That's why we must begin by decoding the karmic memory. Contrite and correct the joining points. Treat others with respect, inclusivity, and love. Refrain from nonvirtues and make good connections instead. Let our lives be filled with joy and favorable conditions.

When we work with people, uphold the mind of contrition at all times. That way, whenever any thought of the five poisons arises, we can catch it and correct it. Gradually, we will no longer be lost. For instance, when greediness arises, we can reflect upon it and become less frugal. When aversion arises, we could inflict harm on others easily. As discomfort or sadness emerges, we must contrite for aversion and pacify conflicts. When ignorance leads to attachments or disputes, contrite immediately so wisdom arises. That way, attachments, and disputes are resolved. As arrogance arises, we look down on others with pride. Knowing about contrition, we'd correct ourselves through the saddening experience. Treat others humbly. If doubts emerge among couples or friends, the relationship is in jeopardy with mistrust. By contrition, we can establish confidence and trust.

Contrite After all, contrition is to face ourselves honestly. Confront our problems and contrite sincerely from the bottom of our hearts. When we are sincere, we can let go of all the negativities. In return, our minds would regain peace and ease. Whatever adversity we face in life, contrite wholeheartedly. Keep in mind that we've inflicted harm on others unintentionally or intentionally. Make it a habit to expose our wrongdoings and make corrections. Decode our karmic memory and pacify conflicts and disasters.

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