Friday, 11 September 2020 10:00

Unfolding a Life of Brightness

Unfolding a Life of Brightness
Life is short and transient. We are often dragged around by karma and ignorance in different directions. Yet, Dharma is the teaching of awakening. Afflictions can be dispelled through Dharma. It is a great chemical solution to achieve a balance when working with people and matters.

Unfolding a Life of Brightness Simply patience and worldly etiquette couldn’t solve problems fundamentally. Dharma acts as a remedy with emptiness. It can dismantle all sorts of conceptual activities and develop inclusivity. Love and life of wisdom will unfold. Wisdom can work through afflictions. The generation of merit enhances the vitality of life. Thence, we’ll witness more beautiful things in life. Time would not be consumed or wasted by insignificant matters.

Unfolding a Life of Brightness From now on, we should engage in activities of realization and virtues. You will be insured with great merits. Our learning should be pragmatic in real life. Realization takes place in daily life. The awakening of the Buddha is the same awakening that we strive for. We can recognize the same awakening or the realization of the Buddha at any moment. The awakening of the Buddha is no different from our awakening. It is a rational living to understand the essence of everything. Phenomena are compounded by causes and conditions. Arising and cessation; good and bad are conditioned. By applying such “realization” properly, our lives would thrive with optimal integration. 

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