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Right Views and Virtuous Acts

Right Views and Virtuous Acts

We’re veiled by the five poisons (greed, aversion, ignorance, arrogance, doubt) since beginningless time. For infinite lives, we've been wandering in samsara without knowing. In order to be free from cyclic existence, the afflictive living, and dying – we must aspire to practice Buddhadharma. The Buddha is the most perfect mankind in this world with the utmost wisdom and compassion. He is an example of mankind in perfection. We practice Dharma and emulate the wisdom and compassion of the Buddha so to become awakened like him.

Right Views and Virtuous ActsDharma practice begins from adjusting our thinking process. Firstly, we must have the right understanding and right view. How though? By taking proper actions, we can develop the habit of thinking and behaving virtuously. With proper conduct, we can obtain wisdom and merit. Do not partake in any negative conduct. Instead, act properly to build up a good habit. Conversely, if we engage in improper acts, we'd develop a bad habit. Consequently, we'd experience many afflictions and rebirths in the lesser realms. We are bearing the negative effects of our nonvirtuous deeds, yet, very few of us recognize this. Hence, we must be mindful to keep the right view and conduct in line at all times. Solidify our belief in the karmic principle. That way, we would strive for virtuous acts so to benefit beings with Dharma. It is imperative to influence others to embrace the right view of Dharma. This is a job of “live to serve, dedicate life to lives”. As a result, we will accumulate lots of merits and favorable conditions. 

Right Views and Virtuous ActsGlobal warming and natural disasters are getting worse nowadays. We might wonder the cause behind these, but they are none other than the result of our collective karma and intents. How can we prevent them so planet earth regains harmony? Right understanding and right views are the foundation. On top of the foundation, we can emulate the compassion and the wisdom of the Buddha to manage our lives. Be genuinely kind, practice Dharma, help others wholeheartedly – dedicate yourself fully. In that sense, we’d receive favorable conditions and stay away from adversities. Hence, we should recite the sutra, dedicate the merit, serve others, and take part in virtuous acts so our minds are pure. Naturally, we'd acquire virtues and not be troubled by disasters. 

Oppositely, if we sow the nonvirtuous karmic seeds when working with sentient beings, we are bound to experience the painful effect. On the contrary, if we initiate positive causes, they will mature into good effects. Every being is our field of merit. We are interdependent and interconnected. Buddhadharma explains to us the way to enrich our lives. Our karmic memory will be endowed with wholesomeness, wellness, right understanding, and right views. A life dedicating to serve others is a life worth living.

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