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The Platform of Reconciliation

The Platform of Reconciliation
Life is a karmic memory drive that has stored all the causes and conditions from the past. In this life, the content is retrieved and opened up in front of our eyes. What we do in this life is also stored in the drive for future use. Whatever adversities we might face in life, never hold them as grudges. Hatred would only provoke further grudges. Any conflicts triggered by the five poisons (greed, aversion, ignorance, arrogance, doubt) would only damage the harmony and balance of our living system. Consequently, the world experience great disasters. Therefore, we must accept the adversities and transform them into a continuation of positivity. Gradually, we can be free from samsara.

The Platform of ReconciliationThe Water, Land, Air Dharma Assembly is harmonious reconciliation with all sentient beings. The event gathers all the virtues. In our world and the dimension invisible to eyes, all kinds of beings are invited. There are powerful politicians, affluent individuals, ordinary men, tiny insects, and so forth. Furthermore, beings that can’t be perceived by our naked eyes also attend the assembly. By the collective aspiration of the puja, they are magnetized in a moment of resonance. Under the sincere and excellent ambiance of the Dharma puja, our innate compassion awakens and expands to every corner of the dharmadhatu. All beings across the three realms in the ten directions are subjected to our prayers. On our end, we can gain an insightful experience of the wonder of life. Our spirituality elevates and we’d be more capable to bring beneficence to our world.

At Ling Jiou Mountain, a week-long of The Water, Land, Air Dharma Assembly includes mantra recitation, sutra recitation, grand offering, vigorous observance of precepts, contrition, and making aspirations. By transforming the karmic memory of the three poisons (greed, aversion, ignorance), lives could be free from suffering and obscurations. Eventually, we connect with the harmonious combinations of causes and conditions. Purify our minds and make space and time for our spirituality. Make contrition with the grudges among you and others with sincerity. We can purify the interpersonal relationships. By reciting mantras and sutras, we can clear off the obstacles in life and our thinking process. Make aspiration to walk on the path of bravery. Pacify the challenges by making vast offerings, accumulate merits, and favorable conditions. Among these practices, "sincerity" plays a vital role. With sincere piety, one could inspire fierce diligence that resonates with the spirit of Buddhas and Bodhisattvas. Everywhere is where we can attain realization and accomplishment.

The Platform of ReconciliationThe Water, Land, Air Dharma Assembly is a platform to harmonize the connection among beings. This includes the relationship between people and the environment. Natural disasters are closely related to the collective karma of mankind. The more nonvirtues we commit, the more frequent and catastrophic disasters will take place. We can see that in recent years with the increase of natural and manmade disasters. Not only might we experience financial loss or life in jeopardy, but we're also seeing the deterioration of the environment. This is due to the disharmony among sentient beings. Therefore, this Dharma assembly is an opportunity for reconciliation, the magnetization of positive conditions, and harmonization of the relationship between mankind and mother earth. Throughout the puja, be mindful to maintain pure intents so our mind stays undistracted. Transform our karmic seeds into the pure seeds of bodhi for enlightenment. Allow the compassion and harmony of life manifest. Apply the compassion of Dharma to transform suffering and we can encourage a peaceful interdependency among beings.

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