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A Life of Diligence

A Life of Diligence

Life is short and transient. By encountering Dharma and setting a clear life goal, we can cultivate and practice vigorously. Some people often feel somewhat disappointed with life that they’d give up trying or procrastinate. They don’t feel motivated for anything. Why is that? They do not understand the preciousness of life. A human life isn’t always guaranteed. We must seize the opportunity and think hard on optimizing it to the fullest. 

A Life of Diligence What is the optimization of life? It is not to make any failed investment with time. Cherish this life at all times and set it on fire! Take the opportunity of a human life to make great profits. Too often, we waste it on all sorts of entertainment. In the end, we get nothing. Now that we’ve studied Dharma, we must stay close behind the Buddha to practice virtues and awakening. Take the time to resolve grudges and conflicts. Light up the lamp of virtues. This is an important starting point on the course of Dharma practice. Be persistent with determination and we will reap the great fruition of Dharma practice eventually.   

A Life of Diligence As we wish for happiness for lives, we need to understand how it works. Do not be fooled by temporary appearances or accomplishments. Never forsake the pursuit of the meaning of life. All the events and phenomena in life are ever-changing. They pass by quickly. Life is as impermanent as it is. Not a single situation, moment, or experience in life remains stable. Take every moment to cultivate kindness and wholesomeness. What do we want to make with this life? What do we wish to get in this life? Do your best to sow the virtuous seeds by yourself as they don’t fall from the sky. With efforts, causes and conditions will come into effect at one point.

As well, we can take the opportunity of meeting each other into virtues. These contacts could turn into a positive force to motivate us in positive activities. Do not pass our time in pessimism or superficial events. It’d be quite a regret if we don’t recognize the urgency to of optimizing our life for the future. As an idiom goes, “Winning comes after hardworking”. It is the same with Dharma practice. We strive for the betterment of future lives. This lifetime is merely one of the many sparks of flames. Every lifetime marks the beginning of the infinity of life. Therefore, we must take the opportunity to study and exert in Dharma practice. Then, maximize your learning to bring vast beneficence for others. This would be the optimization of life.

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