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Sustaining the Positive Network of Life

Sustaining the Positive Network of Life

Every charity that we do is to make a positive network with others. It is a place of positivity wherever the service reaches. Being able to serve others is the greatest fortune in one’s life. We should uphold an attitude of “live to serve, dedicate life to lives”.

Sustaining the Positive Network of LifeFrom the Buddhist perspective, death isn't the end of life but a transformation. This physical body is merely a tool for one lifetime. Yet, is this tool equipped with favorable conditions? If not, this body couldn't be much useful. If yes, one can serve society and mankind extensively.

Wealth, power, fame, and benefits are the pursuit of life for most people. How do we achieve? It’d require not only efforts but a positive network with others too. The positive network is the accumulation of experiences in life. This includes contacting and serving others. The purpose of life is to realize the truth and serve. When we realize the truth of life, we’d want to serve and dedicate spontaneously. Sustaining virtues is also part of our Dharma practice. 

Sustaining the Positive Network of LifeDharma practice is about refraining from non-virtues and engaging in virtues. Life is full of delusions. How do we rediscover ourselves or the essence of life? Dharma is the answer. We can uncover our conscience through Dharma. Such conscience is innate but temporarily dysfunctional. External factors have deactivated the positive cycle. That's why we need to have favorable conditions in reigniting our conscience. Dharma practice is like a compass of life. It enables us to extend our positive network of connections. Our future is rich, beautiful, and bright. We can find the source of life. Furthermore, we'd know the appropriate attitude when working with different conditions and connections. With the proper attitude, we can manage them smoothly. Eventually, happy life is in reach.  

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