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The Taste of Prajna

The Taste of Prajna

As I was pacing in the woods one day, I spotted five huge wild mushrooms. They were the termite mushrooms that are commonly seen in Myanmar. I could see them everywhere when I was a child. Burmese people would look for termite mushrooms after thunder for a big feast. I picked up the mushrooms and washed them. While I was handling them, my students watched me with curiosity.

The Taste of PrajnaA student asked, “How does prajna wisdom manifest on different levels of the graded path?"

As I was handling the mushrooms, I replied, “Prajna is like this mushroom in my hand. By peeling it layer by layer, the essence of prajna emerges progressively. After searing, we can taste prajna.”

One student: “How do we unpeelprajna  layer by layer?”

I answered, “This would require patience just like how I am handling this mushroom.”

I pointed to the mushroom that was ready, "Take a look, how are they different from their original look?"

Students, “The shape is different.”

This is also prajna. The mushroom we first picked up was also a form of prajna. All are perfect. I stir fry the mushroom with shredded ginger and chili.

The Taste of PrajnaThey wonder, “After adding different spices, how would the original taste of prajna turn into?

I said, “As long as there’s prajna, it’d taste great with whatever ingredients.” After they took a bite, I smiled and asked, “How does it taste?”

“Master, it is so good! But very chewy like rubber bands.”

Well, that’s how the taste of prajna should be like. Whatever you add to it, prajna remains the same. Whatever form it manifests, it is prajna. Yet, it has no fixated appearance. Everything manifests in its originality. It is the perfection.

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