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Practice Realistically

Practice Realistically

Receiving students are like parents caring for children. Not only we'd need to watch out for their wellbeing, but we also need to be mindful of their mental health and proper views. Although we're gathered here in the same place, everyone has a different background, personality, and thinking process. Conflicts seem inevitable when people are working together.

Practice Realistically A student who was very confident in his or her professionalism came to me for contrition. He was caught in conflicts when working with others. I said to him, “Being a ‘professional’ is having the methodology and theory. Anyone who understands these two could perform the same professionalism. There’s nothing to be arrogant about. You have your working system and others have their own. Although they might not perform as well as possible, they definitely have their good sides. If you both try to pull off your pride, conflicts are guaranteed.”

Let’s why I’m always reminding you to overcome personal pride. Everyone has different strengths. I lack the strengths that they have and vice versa. It is very fair. There’s nothing to be arrogant about. I don’t need to look down on anyone. Likewise, people wouldn’t look down on me. Everyone is equal. Bring out your best with your what you’re doing is the most practical and down-to-earth practice.

Practice Realistically Being realistic and down-to-earth is also a Dharma practice. It is not to give rise to any delusional intentions and actions. Do not think big about doing things that can't be accomplished. Do not wish for things that wouldn’t happen. This is also being realistic. Everyone takes care of their job properly. Every contact and condition that we cross path with is our working basis of being realistic. Treat every contact and condition without delusions. Yet, if we don’t work realistically, we'd remain deluded. Do not overthink about the second and the third step when you haven't set out your first step. Be sure to take every step steadily so we don't lose the opportunity of making our time to the fullest.