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Religious Regulator

Religious Regulator

I read it on the news once that a donkey attempted suicide. The donkey was abused brutally that it killed itself by running into the Nile River. Upon seeing this story, I wondered, where is the ultimate abidance of life? Among different faiths, they offer different opinions. Generally, the discussion revolves around, “How do we find the ultimate peace for life?”

Religious RegulatorWe can tackle this from the aspects of the body, mind, and spirituality. If we could set the "spirituality" properly, our minds would also settle on the right track. If our spirituality is disturbed, our minds experience the same. Consequently, our body is disoriented. So, from which perspective should do we place our spirituality properly? Religions offer guidance and a channel. With a positive faith, we'd find a reliance. That way, we could figure out our path of life. Whenever we encounter any adversities, may they be family issues, career crises, relationship problems, or other helpless situations, we can apply a mechanism called the "religious regulator". 

Religious RegulatorReligion offers methods for adjustment. It doesn't force us to believe in anything. Instead, it is our basis for reliance. Our spirituality has a place to settle and our mind abides in peace. Then, our whole life is in place, we should ask the next question, "What is the value of life?"

What would be the value? We should “live to serve, dedicate life to lives”. "Serving others" creates a positive cycle among lives. Besides, we must be loving. Without loving-kindness, this life is imperfect. With love, life would bloom with fragrance. Eventually, we'll find ourselves in the field of gold. "Love" is an excellent spice of life. With love, we'd enjoy a happy and lucky life!

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