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Returning to Ultimate State

Returning to Ultimate State

Life isn’t limited to this one lifetime. It is an infinite stream of happenings. This life is merely a tiny dot on this line of lifetimes. Infinite lifetimes are like the droplets that come into the formation of a moving river. Our life will eventually return to the vast ocean of wisdom, awareness, and Buddha-nature.

We’re going back to the root of life eventually. What is the root of life? It is the spirituality within every being. Where is it then? Bit by bit, our spirituality drifts away along with this infinite stream of cyclic existence. As a result, we’ve forgotten the wholesomeness of life. When we’ve realized the wholesomeness of life, we can uncover the root. People tend to focus on oneself, a tiny dot in a wide network of lives. Due to ego, we only prioritize ourselves instead of the holistic entity. By studying religion and Dharma, we can understand the ultimate benefit for mankind and the root of life. We’d realize the common benefit for all the interconnected beings. Isn’t it wonderful to have the opportunity and environment for us to take refuge in the Three Jewels (Buddha, Dharma, and Sangha)?

Returning to Ultimate StateIn Buddhism, we talk about "taking refuge". What is the refuge? It is a proper understanding of our mind. As well, it is the place of reliance on the mind. When we have a place of reliance, it is like taking stabilizers. Our mood is stabilized. Without proper reliance, we live a life of feeling lost and insecure. By taking refuge, one’s mind is settled and liberated. Let us return to the pure and ultimate state.

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