Friday, 27 March 2020 12:05

Pure Land vs. Saha

Pure Land vs. Saha

In this Saha world, Shakyamuni teaches us through all kinds of suffering. Without suffering, we wouldn’t know to practice Dharma. That being said, “suffering is our greatest teacher”. It is when we’ve encountered suffering then we’d want to know about the causes of it and the ways to eliminate suffering. These are the driving factors that can repel us from cyclic existence.

Pure Land vs. SahaThe Pure Land of Amitabha (Sukhavati) trains beings with unimaginable bliss while Saha applies suffering. These two presents a contradiction, yet, beings can attain Buddhahood in either state. As we encounter these heartfelt pains, these are our immediate opportunities to truly realize the truthfulness of Dharma. We can truly cultivate great wisdom and eradicate afflictions. 

It might take an extensive period of time to accomplish Buddhahood when one is in the Pure Land. One would be occupied by making offerings in all Buddha-fields. As it is free from suffering, beings in the Pure Land are actively engaged in making offerings. This begins from the morning throughout the day. Buddhahood is attained by the practice of equanimity. In Saha, we generate renunciation through all kinds of pain. Suffering is a contributing factor that leads us onto the path of enlightenment.

Pure Land vs. SahaTo enter the Pure Land of Amitabha, we must recite the name of Amitabha. One can chant it silently or quietly. Make sure to recite it and hear it clearly by oneself. At the same time, we must generate faith and determination, so our entry is attainable. We can recitation of Amitabha’s name everywhere. Shrine hall isn’t the only place to practice. When our mind is occupied with the recitation as we carry out daily activities, be sure to do so with a tender and sincere mind. That way, we’d be more willing to continue. The more we practice; our mind would get closer to the truth that is free from confinements. As we recite, pay close attention to our voice. Listen quietly. This is also a form of meditation.