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Dharmic Living

Dharmic Living
We claim to be Buddhist and are active in attending pujas and Dharma lessons. But, how do we fulfill and implement Dharma in life, as well as to relieve the stress in this busy society?
In fact, as long as we obtain a good intention, good mood, and live a life with awareness and clarity, this can be achieved. Dharma cannot be separated from secular living. This would help us to pursue the truth of the universe and inspire our inner liveliness and free-spirit. Do not let the changing in outer conditions distract you. How to do that? Let’s approach this from four aspects:
Dharmic LivingFirst is to live a natural life of notionlessness. Keep in mind that “all dharmas are mere illusory”. See through things, let go of permanence, uphold right mindfulness and right views. The mind should be notionless and pure. Start from working with your values and lifestyle. Cultivate the field of merit in daily life by carrying out wisdom.
Second, live a life of awareness free from confusions and attachments. In the  Sutra of Forty-two Chapters, the Buddha had taught us his understanding of the secular and supramundane world. Buddha regards all the worldly phenomena as the illusory of a magician. Seeing that all are impermanent and transient, we should not get caught up with these troubles. Instead, we should become aware of life problems. Become aware, and generate the mind of renunciation. We need to train ourselves for self-awareness and be free from the inner burden.
Third, live a life with humor. Stay away from ties to be spirited. Only when the mind is devoid of ties then can we live with good-spirited free of stress. By staying away from false notions and not to be carried away by the delusional joy, anger, sadness, and happiness. Therefore, we must maintain clarity and a wakened mind so we stay unmoved from external conflicts and displays.
Dharmic LivingFourth is to have an undiscriminating mind and live a harmonious life of equanimity. Buddha was an enlightened being who worked with people and matters without bias. He never judged anyone based on their status and differences. Whatever needed to be done, he’d do it with his own hands. No matter it was cleaning, fixing up things, threading the needle for the old monk whose vision was blurred, etc.
Even when a student was sick without any help, the Buddha attended him despite the filth. The Buddha had demonstrated “path of a natural mind”  .
Truthfully, the exploration of Dharma starts from the mind. By knowing how it works then can we truly receive the authentic Dharma. I’d hope everyone to examine, understand, and validate Dharma with your attentiveness. That way, you’d truly be benefited. Our mind would also open up and our life would liven up. In turns, we can live wisely with the understanding of emptiness. Allow every moment to be enlightening.