Wednesday, 13 February 2019 14:24

Awareness in Perfection, Mind in Freedom

20190213-Awareness in Perfection, Mind in Freedom-1

During Lunar New Year, Chinese tradition is to visit temples and pray for a prosperous year to come. As if temples are wish-fulfilling bowl that collects all the merits to shine. This would benefit many people. Everyone would live better with comfort. When the mind is happy, all is happy. 

20190213-Awareness in Perfection, Mind in Freedom-2By directing our mind towards the right view, right intention, right speech, right livelihood, and more, things would improve for the better. Monasteries and temples are places to inspire our right view. We can stay away from the suffering of non-virtues and turn towards the happiness of virtues. 

What is “happiness”? Just like Buddhas and bodhisattvas who liberate lives from suffering and torment, they possess the Four Immeasurables (loving-kindness, compassion, joy, equanimity). As long as there’s suffering, call the bodhisattvas and they will come to help. By recollecting Guan Yin (Avalokiteshvara), troubles and sufferings are steered away. Be reminded of Buddhas and bodhisattvas’ wakeful awareness, we can part from suffering. 

20190213-Awareness in Perfection, Mind in Freedom-3We suffer due to the lack of mindful awareness. Without perfect awareness, there would be attachments and judgment. Awareness is the light, the path, all the bliss and happiness. The awareness of the Buddha is perfection without obscurations and obstacles. We must learn the “awareness” from the Buddha. Perfected awareness is free of any obscurations. All is wholesome. 

“Awareness” is a GPS system that guides us to give and care endlessly. This is called, “live to serve, dedicate life to lives”. We need one another as we can’t leave anyone. We are companions on the journey of life. Cherish this great path of life with our companions of fortunate connections. 
We should pray to the Buddha constantly. Offer ourselves and think of engaging in virtues at all times. Be occupied with the intention of helping and serving sentient beings. Resonate with sentient beings through serving. Let our world be stabilized and harmonized.