Thursday, 27 September 2018 17:10

Reciting Guan Yin like a broken record

20180927-Reciting Guan Yin like a broken record-1
I often remind people that the reality of life is merely birth, aging, illness, and death. Everyone is afraid of dying, yet, it is inevitable. What can we do?
20180927-Reciting Guan Yin like a broken record-2“When illness struck, I can’t seem to recite the name of Amitabha… I’m so depressed that I can’t even think of the Buddha’s name… I’d be in more pain to recite the name when I’m suffering!” Let me remind you, if you haven’t made the habit of reciting Buddha’s name, it is quite impossible to practice when “in crises”. That is why we should make it a habit more or less in daily life, “Namo Amitabha, Namo Amitabha….” Like a broken record, the recitation will be on non-stop replay.
By making the habit of reciting the name of Amitabha or Guan Ying (Avalokiteshvara), it’d come into effect naturally when we are sick or troubled. Likewise, the same habit applies when death approaches.
Buddhadharma allows us to understand the delusional perception regarding this body and that our spirituality is always “alive”.

“Are we alive without a body?”

“Well alive.”

“What about coming to this world?”


“Then die again?”

“Still alive.”

“Is our spirituality alive if we are a ghost?”       


“In that case, who died?” 

“This physical body.”

The body is nothing more than a garment – changing from one to another. When it comes to the understanding of phenomena, we should keep this in mind,

Magical illusion, dewdrop, bubble,
Dream, lightning or a cloud—

-       Diamond Sutra

20180927-Reciting Guan Yin like a broken record-3With this view, we should not be overly attached, troubled, or worried. Even if we still have many concerns upon dying moment, there’s little to do. If we return in another life form of garment, we’d definitely hope for a better one!
But how? We should be more involved in the activities of a Bodhisattva. Our body shouldn’t engage in nonvirtuous actions. As for mind, we need to be aware of our discursive thinking. We should take Guan Yin as the role model of compassion. Be inspired to act and practice until we become a representation of Guan Yin. When we pass away, Amitabha will be our guide. Should we take rebirth again, we’d be fortunate to incline towards virtues and receive guidance towards positive acts. That being said, we should have faith in Buddhadharma, cultivate virtuous deeds, aspire bodhicitta, and vow to attain Buddhahood. Guan Yin is our role model that should never be forgotten.