Wednesday, 07 November 2018 13:59

2018 PoWR – Chan, Rediscovering Spirituality

20181106-Chan, Rediscovering Spirituality-1
In the morning on November 5, 2018, we invited the general public to join us in a session of Chan practice. I’m very pleased that we were able to connect through Chan practice. Chan is a path leading to “the nature”, which is within all sentient beings. It is God-given, ancestral spirit, or however it is coined in different religions, we are all on the path to discover that innate potential.
20181106-Chan, Rediscovering Spirituality-2Chan is a spiritual awareness which everyone possesses. We apply it daily, yet, we neglect it daily and never become acquainted with it. Now, through Chan practice, we are approaching closer to the universal energy which we all seek. It is attainable simply by letting go of our attachments and subjective ideas.
This world we perceive can be categorized into material and spiritual worlds. We are enticed by the desire to pursue materialism. Eventually, we get astray from seeing ourselves. Shamatha (calm abiding) and vipashyana (insight) of Chan practice practice would be much helpful. Shamatha enables our mind to abide whereas vipashyana helps with clarity. Along the path of Chan practice, we’d rediscover our nature, a state of spirituality.
20181106-Chan, Rediscovering Spirituality-3That being said, Chan isn’t some mysterious finding. It is never something unknown. We’ve clearly walked on this path and is returning to a place of clarity. It is where our mind was never confused.
Through the Four-step Technique of Peace Meditation, we are reaching towards a goal – to uncover our spirituality, the “original face”. Such practice allows our mind to settle so our nature would manifest. May you call it as God-given, or whatever it was “already there” before given the physical body from our parents.