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A Practice of Stabilization – The Great Compassion Mantra

A Practice of Stabilization – The Great Compassion Mantra

Undoubtedly, we hope to have a smooth life where our wishes could come true.Guan Yin (Avalokiteshvara) had already taught us the method. By upholding an altruistic intention when reciting the Great Compassion Mantra (Long Dharani) , sentient beings’ wishes can be fulfilled. The primary determinants beingare our piety and faith when reciting. When our faith is unshakable, the blessing of the Great Compassion Mantra Long Dharani is inconceivable. We can make the connection with Guan Yin through faith. Once the connection touches the subtle part inside of our mind, bodhicitta awakes. We’d be more than willing to attain Buddhahood for the benefit of sentient beings. 

A Practice of Stabilization – The Great Compassion MantraGuan Yin has put all the skillful means for benefiting beings in the Great Compassion Mantra. The Dharani can initiate every karmic seed within our eighth consciousness. Then, the mantra purifies the seed into wisdom. With the perfect purification, wisdom can be omniscient. Thence, the Great Compassion Mantra is a practice for attaining realization.

To attain the non-outflow wisdom, we must give rise to the Ten Minds: great compassion; impartiality; emptiness; unfabricated; undefiled; humility; undisturbed; veneration, unafflicted – all resonate with the unsurpassable bodhicitta.  

We need to examine and remind ourselves constantly with these Ten Minds. Are we fulfilling the aspiration to liberate sentient beings free from suffering for the ultimate happiness? Reflect on our compassion to see if it is impartial. Are we aware of emptiness when perceiving differences? Is humility in place when we are benefiting others? Are we venerating all sentient beings as the future Buddhas? Do we remain unafflicted with whatever we come across? Can we stay unfabricated and genuine?

A Practice of Stabilization – The Great Compassion MantraThe four notionlessness of I, other persons, sentient beings, or time should be applied to examine and treat all beings the same. We can attain the ultimate altruism with the Great Compassion Mantra. When we uphold the Ten Minds, we can recite the Dharani attentively without distraction. Eventually, the power of samadhi will show. It is a power like quantum physic. With the vibration of particles, the resonance can reach all corners like the Butterfly effect.

As we pray for the wellbeing of Earth with mantra recitation, we’re also praying for all beings to be free from suffering for the ultimate happiness. When we recite, do not rush or be nervous. Stay natural, happy, and relaxed when practicing the Dharani. Our mind will give rise to warmth and serenity naturally. We’d experience a sense of stabilization inside.