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Boarding the Boat of Guan Yin

Boarding the Boat of Guan YinThe Dharma Door of Guan Yin (Avalokiteshvara) teaches us to connect with Guan Yin and emulate her spirit of liberating beings from pain and hardships. Suffering is pervasive in this world, yet, Guan Yin aspires to set all beings free from suffering to attain the perfect enlightenment. By guiding beings to learn about Dharma, eradicate afflictions, aspire bodhicitta, walk the path of the bodhisattva, and finally attain liberation. 

Boarding the Boat of Guan YinNatural disasters are happening more frequently than ever. May it be global warming, earthquake, rising sea level, and other disasters, all are triggered by our damage done to planet Earth. Since mother Earth is heavily wounded that requires recovery. During this long process, mankind and civilizations are also changing. Where will we be and what will we become? If mankind has cultivated great virtues, a new habitat and residents on Earth will emerge.

We’ve boarded the boat of Guan Yin that will take us to the other shore. This boat is crossing through the samsaric ocean of suffering to set us on a safe side. One way to cross the ocean is to engage in virtuous deeds. As the Buddhist teaching goes, “Refrain from nonvirtues, engage in all virtues”. This world is going through more natural and manmade disasters that are becoming more violent. We must protect our virtuous roots and engage in virtuous actions. This would prevent further disasters and damages. We must accumulate merits and practice the Great Compassion Mantra (Long Dharani) to resonate with Guan Yin.

20191025guanyin dharma 3 3d8fbWe should practice the Great Compassion Mantra, the great compassion Dharma door at all times. We should make Guan Yin our teacher and follow her steps. We must engender the unsurpassable bodhicitta. By attaining Buddhahood, we can liberate all sentient beings. We can learn the Four Immeasurables (loving-kindness, compassion,  joy, and equanimity) demonstrated by Guan Yin and fulfill the activities of benefitting beings. Why must we bring beneficence to others? It is to learn about all the “seed”. The seed can manifest all phenomena. Being able to understand such working and to know it all is the “omniscient wisdom”.  To comprehend this, we must learn, practice, and realize. As we fail to recognize that all are omniscient wisdom or the wisdom of the Buddha, our mind is grasping, stained, and more. That is why we should learn from Guan Yin and aspire to attain Buddhahood. Follow closely behind the Buddha so we’d stay together and not be lost.



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