Monday, 09 September 2019 09:17

Great Compassion Mantra for World Peace

Great Compassion Mantra for World PeaceAs we are aware of the increasing disasters caused by global warming, we may wonder if there’s any way to mitigate this rapid deterioration? It would be the power of the Great Compassion Mantra (Long Dharani). The energy generated from this mantra helps to inspire love on Earth. May Taiwan and the world be free from disasters. By practicing the mantra, one is sowing the seed of peace. Along with cultivation, the field of peace and stability can pass on for future generations. As we propagate the practice of the mantra, there will be more people joining. Consequently, the welfare and stability of mankind would improve. As we find security, the world finds harmony too.

Great Compassion Mantra for World PeaceThe Great Compassion Mantra is the essence of compassion. By reciting the mantra, compassion pervades every thought in our mindstream. That’s how we can cultivate compassion through recitation. The source of all merits come from compassion. Hence, we are greatly fortunate to learn about this. If one is lacking loving-kindness and compassion, his or her life would become arid and lifeless. Yet, the nectar of the mantra moistens the earth for all lives to thrive.

Great Compassion Mantra for World PeaceOur planet must be harmonious, as well as the world and the mind of people. During this peculiar period where mother Earth is going through so much suffering, we must come together to love Earth, Taiwan, and mankind. The practice of this dharani is a Dharma Door to accomplishment. I’d encourage you to recite 108 times per day. The mantra helps to transform misfortune and avert disasters. The practice of the mantra would also inspire our diligence, benefit our families and the world.