Friday, 26 April 2019 17:49

A Retreat of Great Compassion

A Retreat of Great Compassion
The Great Compassion Mantra Retreat was initiated with our care for the Earth. Global warming and changes in the environment have resulted in constant disasters and suffering. Hence, we’ve aspired to recite the Great Compassion Mantra (Long Dharani) and made it an annual event — in hopes to resolve the disasters and pain. Environmental degradation has outpaced the planet’s ability to absorb. We can only make the changes from the heart. With the spirit of Guan Yin (Avalokiteshvara), we are caring for and loving this planet which we rely on for survival.
A Retreat of Great CompassionThe 21-day retreat signifies an auspicious dependent arising of Dharmic accomplishment. When Guan Yin heard the mantra, she immediately attained the eighth stage of a bodhisattva, Immoveable, from the first stage. As we have the opportunity to attend this retreat today, we should emulate Guan Yin and recite the mantra with irreversible faith. This is one of the swiftest practices. I hope that all of you can accomplish this compassionate Dharma Door of Guan Yin.
A Retreat of Great CompassionThe purpose of propagating the Great Compassion Mantra is to encourage people. We should follow the great compassionate act of Guan Yin, which is to care for and love all sentient beings. Collectively, we’d accumulate one million recitations at the end of every annual retreat. By dedicating such merit to the trichiliocosm(a third-order thousand world system) and world peace, may all of you be inspired by Guan Yin’s pervading compassion to help the world. Her vast intention and the auspicious aspiration in dedicating to all — are the prayer for a world of no more suffering. A globalized family with peace and auspiciousness.