Having gone through war-torn sufferings, asceticism in the cemeteries, and near-death fasting experiences – Master Hsin Tao reveres Buddha’s teachings as the principal intention to carry out personal practice and his dissemination of Buddhadharma. It is not hard to see the resonance of Buddha’s life of ascetic practice to Dharma teaching in Master Hsin Tao’s journey. With the integration of grounded experiences, Master Hsin Tao has reorganized a systematic Four-stage Training consisted of Buddha’s teachings in essence. It is a progressive blueprint for practitioners to follow on the path towards realization. 

The Four-stage Training of Ling Jiou Mountain is made up of: 

  • Agama – the development of positive qualities of monastic sanghas and individuals.
  • Prajna – preparing the ground with correct views and cultivation for transcendental wisdom. 
  • Saddharma-Pundarika – walking on the bodhisattva path and spreading Buddhadharma for the benefits of sentient beings. 
  • Avatamsaka – a holistic view of the universe. 

Chan is the backbone threading through all stages of the training so students are constantly engaging in the union practice of learning and actions. Bodhicitta can arise at all times and never forgetting our innate Buddha nature. Master Hsin Tao applies the Four-stage Training as a mean of fulfilling Humanistic Buddhism proposed by the Venerable Master Taixu. This starts from the basis of improving humanitarianism to individual liberation, and lastly, the Perfection and Luminosity of Dharmadhatu.