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The Bodhi Blossoms

The Bodhi Blossoms

October 25th, 2020 (September 9th in Lunar Calendar) was my birthday. I’d like to thank all the students for their best wishes. Every birthday marks a new beginning. One’s life is like a flower that thrives with energy and beauty. Some people wish for prosperity while some pray for an ordinary and peaceful life. There are also certain people who wish to become contributive global citizens. Then, how should one make plans? How can we optimize our lives without feeling the intimidation of death? We must contemplate impermanence, suffering, and emptiness. Dharma practice is all about acquiring the wisdom of the Buddha. We can find the right path in life this way.

The Bodhi BlossomsFor all my life, I've been searching for the source of life. By identifying the source, we can clarify the purpose of life. Through decades of monasticism, my primary goal is to propagate the wisdom of the Buddha and assume the Dharma activity. It is my sincerest wish that sentient beings could benefit from the Dharmic nectar so as to be free from suffering and to obtain the ultimate happiness. May all uncover the life that is unarising and unceasing.

So, how should we make all the connections properly through cyclic existence, or the infinite space and time? How should we guide others onto the path of enlightenment? Bodhicitta is the key. With bodhicitta, we can connect, serve, and dedicate our lives for the welfare of the infinite connections in our eighth consciousness. With our efforts, these connections could become the links or favorable conditions for many to attain Buddhahood. When the connections are established properly, our present and future lives are endowed with twofold goals, the perfection in wisdom and conduct. This is the path that we should encourage others to take.

Being monastics, we must pass on Buddhadharma by all means. First, we must ensure ourselves to be a seed with good quality without defects. That way, a flower will mature and bloom. In order to have beautiful blossoms, we must learn from the mind. We should understand that the blossoms of wisdom come from our mind. Consequently, we’d find an unchanging life.

The Bodhi BlossomsAll lives are interdependent. May it be our ecosystem, animals, plants, and more – all the phenomenal and sentient worlds are interconnected. The moment we let go of ego, we can unite with all in oneness. Dharma practice is all about expanding our mind so we don't fixate on "me". We are learning to become egoless. As the result, conflicts and duality will no longer be present.

All the connections are our life partners. Dharma transmission is to unfold our innate Buddha wisdom. A life free from obscurations and conditioning is spacious and boundless. Such a beautiful life can be fulfilled by realizing our minds. So, birthday is to let our minds bloom like a lotus flower.

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