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Tuesday, 29 September 2020 10:16

Finding Traces of Enlightenment in the State of Avatamsaka

 Finding Traces of Enlightenment in the State of Avatamsaka

Every year, we’d hold the Avatamsaka Retreat Puja to study the true intent of the tathagata. By learning the view of the Buddha, we can emulate and aspire to attain Buddhahood. LJM offers The Four-stage Training which constitutes the Agama Stage, the Prajna Stage, the Saddharma-Pundarika Stage, and the Avatamsaka Stage. Starting from the Agama stage, one learns to observe oneself and work through the boggling troubles on the phenomenal level (outside) and the mental level (inside). Then, we can transcend the physical boundary and conceptions so our spirituality is free. Next, we can advance into the Prajna stage where we see emptiness through the analysis of prajna wisdom. We can experience a state of emptiness that is free from obscurations. 

20200929 current events 2 2024eAfter we've acquired the meaning of a Dharmic life, we can abide in awareness. Consequently, the realization of the Ten Faiths, Ten Conducts, Ten Abidings, Ten Dedications, to Ten Stages will emerge. Following that, we’d enter the Saddharma-Pundarika Stage where we optimize our lives with aspiration, or the wish to attain enlightenment for the benefits of sentient beings. Aspiration is to generate the genuine wish that all beings could be free from suffering for the ultimate happiness. For that to happen, we must devote ourselves fully to propagating Dharma so sentient beings could understand the teachings of the Buddha and realize emptiness. 

In the course of the Four-stage Training, the causal stage is the Agama Stage where the resultant stage being the Avatamsaka Stage. When we’ve entered the state of Avatamsaka, we can apply inexhaustible resources and Dharma teachings skillfully for the welfare of others. Progressively, we’d come to the fruition or the realization of the Avatamsaka state. It is a multifold of connections and lights that explain the interconnectedness of Dharmadhatu. Besides our wish for enlightenment, we must also inspire others to make the same aspiration. May every sentient being realize the state of Avatamsaka.

 Finding Traces of Enlightenment in the State of Avatamsaka  The Realm of Avatamsaka is dynamic and all-encompassing. While different parts of the universe have their pattern of living, the Realm of Avatamsaka is inclusive of all levels. This matrix is interdependent and allows every being to become a Dharmic seed that will grow into a wise person. One would be at ease without obscurations, as well, he would uphold an altruistic intent at all times.

As we have the opportunity to attend the Avatamsaka Puja today, we must take this opportunity to follow the traces leading to enlightenment, or the ultimate bodhicitta. Without bodhicitta, we cannot attain Buddhahood. As we've realized emptiness and attained the resultant stage, we can accomplish the Three Kayas, or the body, form, and application. Dharma practice requires persistence instead of fickleness. Please study with sincerity and a straightforward attitude. Aspire to attain enlightenment and liberate all beings!

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