Thursday, 10 October 2019 17:10

The Echoing Chan - Nepal Pilgrimage

From October 3rd to 10th, 2019, we went on a pilgrimage to Nepal. This trip aims to offer an in-depth introduction to the local culture and belief.From October 3rd to 10th, 2019, we went on a pilgrimage to Nepal. This trip aims to offer an in-depth introduction to the local culture and belief. At the same time, we hope that every participant could have experiential learning about the unique culture of Vajrayana practitioners in Nepal. In 2000, we founded the Milarepa Meditation Center. When the Gorkha Earthquake hit Nepal in 2015, Ling Jiou Mountain (LJM) Charity also responded with immediate assistance. Our tie with Nepal has only been stronger. We also made a connection with Raju and Babu from the Joy Foundation. They offered great help with the construction at the Milarepa Meditation Center. We are very thankful for all the support we’ve received.

The Echoing Chan - Nepal PilgrimageNepal is where the Buddha descended to Earth. It is also a place touched by his practice and activities. Many Vajrayana masters had also graced their marks in Nepal. There are many sites visited by great practitioners that are endowed with an immense blessing. It can be seen as the genes to inspire sentient beings, the future Buddhas. I’d encourage you to visit these sites when coming to Nepal. The energy field and memories of the great practitioners traverse through time and pervade our consciousness. A link between us and noble ones is formed. That’s an auspicious arising for our Dharma practice.

The Echoing Chan - Nepal PilgrimageThe foremost priority of a monastic is to exert in Dharma practice. To do so, one’s mind must be tamed and adjusted properly. It is to be compassionate. As we develop compassion for sentient beings, we hope to offer our help with the preservation of the sacred sites of Milarepa, Nagarjuna, and other great teachers who visited this land. At the same time, the center will also be hosting those who are genuine about the retreat. Particularly those people who revere sublime practitioners and are inspired to fulfill their own practice.

The Echoing Chan - Nepal PilgrimageBesides the preservation of sacred sites, we also hope to carry out charity, education, environmental protection, and organic agriculture. Furthermore, we wish to improve the living standard of local Nepalese and our planet Earth. Of course, our primary project would be the propagation of Chan practice. We hope to share this practice with as many as possible. Meanwhile, we welcome those who’d like to practice Chan to this excellent field of energy.

Chan practice is our short cut to return to ourselves. It is the way to regain mastery of our life. There is a line between delusion and enlightenment. When deluded, beings are conditioned. When enlightened, we can transcend the notions of eternalism and nihilism. Our life can transcend all substances and materials. This is an innate ability that can be uncovered through Chan practice.