Monday, 14 October 2019 17:00

Right Mindfulness, the Compass of Life

On October 13th, 2019, we flew to Malaysia from Nepal to attend the annual Tsok Offering of Guan Ying (Avalokiteshvara). This is the ninth tsok offering held at Kuala Lumpur. All the volunteers and sponsors put this event together with generous donations and time.



Right Mindfulness, the Compass of Life I could see how much effort they've put into this event. Every detail was on point. The planning was elaborative, systematic, and technical. This sets an example of a Dharma delivery that keeps up with the world.

Right Mindfulness, the Compass of Life I saw a new generation of participants at the puja. They volunteered alongside their parents. Seeing their energy, we are sure of a bright future ahead. Their participation and willingness to learn can inspire more people to learn about Buddhadharma. New blood in Buddhism is a revitalizing force that will help to stabilize our society. Let’s work for a society full of energy and optimism. Dharma practice is to guide others in the right direction in life.

Right Mindfulness, the Compass of Life A life devoid of right mindfulness is lost. For instance, Chinese people consider Feng Shui as an important determinant of familial prosperity. Likewise, if the right mindfulness is absent, our thinking process would derail from the right track. Since we've encountered Buddhadharma, a compass of life, our route is clear free from errors. That’s how our life can be improved.

The most important factor of faith is the right mindfulness – the understanding of the principle of cause and effect. Keep in mind that this world follows this principle. Every intention and thought is a seed that grows into all kinds of phenomena of this world. Should our intentions and thoughts are proper, we can benefit lots of people. In particular, we can bring beneficence to those who are lost.

Right Mindfulness, the Compass of Life It isn’t easy to figure out the path of life. We are all very fortunate to be on the Dharmic path. What we need to do now is to offer the right mindfulness to the world. Our lineage of Dharma practice teaches us to dedicate oneself to others. Make Dharma, oneself,  and the future to prosper. That way, our life is fulfilled at the fullest.