Monday, 23 September 2019 11:20

Medicine Puja in Indonesia

Medicine Puja in IndonesiaOn September 22nd, 2019, Indonesia, we held a Medicine Buddha Puja to reciprocate the kindness to our connected beings and to avert obstacles. It was led by our Ling Jiou Mountain (LJM) resident abbot in Indonesia. Together, we recited the Medicine Buddha Sutra which reveals the Buddha-field of the Medicine Buddha. The Pure Land of Vaiduryanirbhasa radiates the blue crystal light like the ocean. It is apparent, luminous, and wonderful.

Medicine Puja in IndonesiaWho created the content within this infinite universe? A Buddha-field is made of aspiration. It is also adorned with the aspiration of tatagathas. The Pure Land of Amitabha is made up of forty-eight vows. Guan Yin (Avalokiteshvara) created a Buddha-field with her twelve great vows. The Saha where we are is constituted by the five-hundred vows of Buddha Shakyamuni.

Why is the realm of Buddha Shakyamuni made up of so many vows? It is because the beings in Saha are corrupted with evil habitual tendencies. We are extremely hard to tame. Yet, Buddha Shakyamuni still aspired to liberate us. The five hundred vows are the means to establish us on the path towards Buddhahood.

Medicine Puja in IndonesiaSentient beings are caught up in suffering. Having to experience such pain, one would generate the pursuit for awakening and be inspired to practice Dharma. As one wishes to part from suffering and obtain the ultimate happiness, the solution is to engender bodhicitta and attain Buddhahood. What does it mean to be enlightened? It is to know oneself. We are the Buddha of the future, the past, and present. When we fail to recognize our Buddha nature, we are just ordinary beings confined by the suffering of ignorance. What is ignorance? It is the self-grasping resulted from delusions. Yet, the way to dispel ignorance is to become awakened.

Medicine Puja in IndonesiaWhat is the path of the Buddha? It is a path of happiness. Without the methods that the Buddha had taught to the world, we can’t attain the ultimate happiness. It is a state of perfection without any faults. Why do we see this world full of problems? It is because we do not hold the proper intention and view. Once we reach the same view as the Buddha, we’d find our nature and innate happiness.