Thursday, 08 August 2019 17:37

Cross-religious Prayer for Peace

Cross-religious Prayer for Peace

On August 7th, 2019, the moment to initiate the outer shrine at the Water, Land, Air Dharma Assembly had arrived. At the same time, we also invited representatives of Taoist and Buddhist temples across the Taoyuan area to join a Cross-religious Prayer for Peace.


Cross-religious Prayer for Peace Religion plays a vital role in society. No matter how fast-changing and unstable a country may be, religion can release the greatest power of love. We learn to serve people with positivity, activeness, and optimism. Additionally, we encourage people and society onto the life path of virtuous causes and effects.

Nowadays, not only natural and manmade disasters are happening more frequently, politics and the environment are chaotic at large. People are experiencing instability inside too. In times like this, religions must join efforts and assume the responsibility to be the stabilizing force for people’s mind. Together, we pray for the wellbeing of planet Earth and human survival. The message of great love and virtuous intention is passed on infinitely.

Cross-religious Prayer for Peace In the night of initiating the ceremony every year, representatives from local temples are gathered. We share the idea of interdependent diversity and entity of interdependence. Let the power of spiritual awakening takes effect. Let us serve people and resonate with the movement of “Love Earth, Love Peace”.

Let people across different faiths collaborate, work together for loving Earth. Make our planet healthy again. May we have a bountiful harvest in all aspects and a stable society. May people’s mind is turned towards virtues so misfortunes are averted. When planet Earth is free from disasters, society is in harmony. The world is at peace!