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City of Felicity, Avatamsaka Realm Featured

City of Felicity, Avatamsaka Realm
On July 6th, 2019, we had a gathering with all the distinct sponsors of Ling Jiou Mountain from worldwide. We also announced asking everyone to support our “City of Felicity” of Avatamsaka Sacred Mountain in Fulong, Taiwan.
Why is it called the “City of Felicity”? Ling Jiou Mountain is situated in Fulong with a more precise location in Fulian Neighbourhood of Gongliao District. “Fu” in Mandarin Chinese means felicity and fortune. With double “Fu”, our “City of Felicity” of Avatamsaka Sacred Mountain is accomplished. Our volunteers are already endowed with great merits, please encourage your friends to visit this city too.
City of Felicity, Avatamsaka RealmThe reason that we’ve accomplished this City of Felicity Avatamsaka Sacred Mountain is to offer people a place to accumulate merits, accomplish bodhicitta, and attain Buddhahood together. Hopefully, everyone could enter this place of aspiration and walk on the path of enlightenment.
Four-stage Training is the primary program of LJM. Agama stage is the basis and Prajna stage being the path. Having the Dharmic foundation and the contemplation of Prajna, we can make the aspiration of Sddharma-Pundarika.
The aspiration is bodhicitta. We must solidify our bodhicitta one lifetime after another. It is the path towards Buddhahood. With bodhicitta, we can tune in with the memories of the bodhi path in samsara at any time. As well, to create a realm of Avatamsaka with others with an interconnected and interdependent aspiration.
The making of Avatamsaka is the awakening of life – our aspiration for self-wakening and others. A network of Avatamsaka life is hence formed. The network of life starts with our aspiration. Based on Agama and Prajna, from dots to making lines – we can attain the perfect fruition eventually.
City of Felicity, Avatamsaka RealmSo we must be mindful with awareness. Find the root of life or nirvana. Then, we should propagate the prajna wisdom of Dharma. Once we know the function of propagation, we aspire to benefit beings. For lifetimes, we hold one goal in mind – benefit others egolessly. This is what we emulate to learn, to do, and carry out the activities step by step.
If we wish to be free from the chain of samsara, we must practice Dharma, be awakened, and walk towards the world of awakening and emptiness. When we look back to this phenomenal world, everything is devoid of obstacles. By learning Agama and Prajna, we know how to be free without obstacles and create a wonderful life.
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