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LJM Asiatic Program – A Luminous Life

LJM Asiatic Program – A Luminous Life
On June 29, 2019, the 7th LJM Asiatic Program took place at Yixing Dajue Temple, the ancestral monastery of Fo Guang Shan. The Ven. Master Hsing Yun often reminded us to visit Dajue Temple is possible. We had the opportunity to finally pay a visit. Not only was the environment comfortable, but the temple also offered great service and help. All of us had a great learning experience here.
LJM Asiatic Program – A Luminous LifeThis annual program helps people to have a better understanding of LJM’s spirit and essence: compassion and Chan. We’re introducing teachings that are beneficial to life, body, and mind for people. Our awareness is our navigation. When it’s set properly, our life would be meaningful and filled with happiness. We can also influence more people onto a better path and a happier life.
Who do we practice for? It is for others, and certainly, ourselves as well. This is called, “twofold goals”. To study is to correct our values and views. With proper views, we’d carry out virtuous conducts. Positive karmic memories are therefore accumulated. Consequently, these will come to fruition of good lives and fortune in the future.
Therefore, we must take the virtues in the three doors: physical virtues, verbal virtues, and mental virtues and the five excellences: positivity, motivation, optimism, love, and aspiration as our navigation. Love is the most important one out of these. Without love, life would become very dry not knowing where love comes from. Then, there comes a dutiful sense of fulfilling twofold goals. It is a duty to make our life luminous with light.
LJM Asiatic Program – A Luminous LifeWhat does “luminous with light” mean? An individual with virtues would glow in brilliance. By holding virtuous intentions, one becomes radiant. Especially, a luminous aspiration empowers our life with strength. Bodhicitta is our dutiful aspiration to benefit oneself and others. Through lifetimes, we walk on the path of bodhicitta as it is a wish-fulfilling jewel. Let us be powered with inexhaustible love and strength.
This program invites everyone to learn and implement the spirit and essence of LJM joyfully. Learn to rediscover our awareness so we’d stop wandering. Inspire compassion so all lives are connected through the network of loving-kindness. That way, we’d live a life with clarity without confusions.


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