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36th Anniversary – Connect the World with Awareness

36th Anniversary – Connect the World with Awareness
June 23rd, 2019, marked the anniversary of Ling Jiou Mountain (LJM). The anniversary acts as a reminder for us to think about what we can do for our society and country. As well, we should examine our Dharma practice and see our liberation, ease, and love, have grown better. We have been working together for 36 years. Hand in hand, we’ve worked for the betterment of LJM, the world, and mankind.
36th Anniversary – Connect the World with AwarenessThe mission of LJM is to “love Earth, love peace”. We’d like to connect this idea with the world through interfaith activities. Together, we all work for world peace so to prevent warfare and conflicts. For planet Earth be at peace, we need to safeguard our mind, serve others, and protect the planet. 
Many of you have followed me for years. Besides the three virtues of the body, speech, and mind, we must also be mindful of our attitude in life: be positive, motivational, optimistic, loving, and dutiful. That’s why we push for virtues in three doors and the five excellences so to make this community like heaven.
LJM is where we unite and dedicate ourselves. We’ve learned so much in the past 36 years, in particular, Buddhadharma is to learn about ourselves. We are "awareness". By having a thorough understanding of such "awareness", we can be a kind individual who brings great benefits to others. 
36th Anniversary – Connect the World with AwarenessLearn about the perfection of awareness. It is devoid of any flaws. Under the perfection of awareness, we push for virtuous activities. In that case, we must be mindful of our nature, or tathagatagarbha. Be aware of our original face at all times.
What is the “original face”? It is the face of awareness. What would that be? It is not conditioned to any phenomena, which is called, “egolessness”. Engage in virtuous activities egolessly. That way, afflictions are lessened and we can connect to the world better.
Lastly, I hope that we can work together towards the path of enlightenment. Let our life be filled with love, bliss, and willingness to serve. My sincerest gratitude to all the great supporters over the past 36 years.
20190623 靈鷲山開山36周年慶